Summoners War the game and the Cheats

Scientific and technological progress does not stand still in Summoners War- every day mankind invents more and more new devices and machines, and improves the already existing and does not think to stop along the way. One of the flagships of this development is the computer equipment – three more decades ago it was thought that “640 kilobytes enough everyone”, and today a small Smartphone is not inferior in performance to the average office PC. Oddly enough, the rapid development of the available ordinary user of computer technology – great service video games with cheats and hacks. Do not ask next hit all the big computing power, for which the consumer is willing to shell out, you see, and there would be now so productive machines at the disposal than institutions and organizations, such as half a century ago, and almost anyone.

However, over the last fifteen years in this regard, we have seen only the quantitative development – increasing processor frequency, growing amount of RAM and the power of graphics cards, and something new to offer, no one could, until recently. Then he stepped in crowd funding – direct funding of individual enthusiasts, who did not find a publisher, or who do not want to mess with him. Someone collected money on games or music, and Oculus VR sights on long-standing dream of all fans of “virtual reality” – those “glasses” that let you see what is happening in the game literally with their own eyes, rather than the small screen of the monitor. March 28 this year, started selling a commercial version of the helmet, and with it came the games pack, “sharpened” by the use of Oculus the Rift.

Summoners War among them, perhaps, the most striking (both literally and figuratively) representative. Earth through the porthole The game operates in full popular recent topic of space and unlimited resources with the use of cheats, and the plot is suspiciously reminiscent of the movie “Gravity” three years ago: the main character – a woman astronaut on the space station after the accident remains absolutely alone and forced to fight for survival, using any means and cheats available. If someone went to the picture in the cinema, you probably should remember the thrill of exquisite beauty of what is happening on the screen. Summoners War cause similar feelings – even without the Oculus Rift is all so beautiful, that the first time simply admiring the surroundings. Making screen shots of cosmic landscapes, seasoned with debris damaged the station; you can almost without a break, not even bothering with a choice of exposure and staging of the image. (Here each frame – a small masterpiece) Without a doubt, with the local graphics little beats – and it’s not just technology. Designers know their business better than Unreal Engine 4 developers used to create perfect cheats in Summoners war. The white surface elements station, endless depth of space, a huge land on the night side of which could see the lights of cities and bands of aurora, mirrored a drop of water in zero gravity. Larva most beautiful games depicting space technology, will go Summoners war long.